Wash Day with Stylish Steppers

Now that I have feeling back in my arms again after all that detangling, I thought I’d share my routine with you.

For the past month or so I’ve been using the Stylish Steppers Gimme Naturals range and its got me all up in my feels. I love a shampoo that makes my hair feel squeaky clean without it feeling like straw. The curl mask that I’ve been doubling up as a quick detangling conditioner at times is heavenly. You must have seen me rave about it on my IG page.

Before I get started, a list of “ingredients” (other than the supernatural strength from above that cannot be photographed)


I separated my hair and applied hot oil treatment to my scalp. After which I covered my hair with a plastic bag (because a shower cap is for people who have very little hair). I kept this on for about 45 minutes, while I ate supper and chilled


 I usually wash my hair in the shower because I know that I’ll definitely get all the product out of my hair after each rinse. I start off by wetting my hair in the two sections that I have separated it into. Then I shampoo, one side at a time. Once my whole head is covered in shampoo, I rub my scalp with the flat part of my fingertips while also squeezing at my hair to make sure it gets a good clean. I usually shampoo twice.


After rinsing out the shampoo, I apply the curl mask generally (my hair is still in two sections), starting at the ends and working my way to the roots. While this is applied, I take a shower to let it “set in”.


Now the fun part – detangling. I always try to be as careful as possible when I do this part. You’d notice that the gloves have come off, just so I can be sure I’m not pulling at any strands. I start off by finger detangling – separating my hair strands using my fingers. Then I go at it with the brush, starting at the ends and then working my way up to the roots, until the whole section is detangled.


I rinse that out and that’s it! I apply a leave-in conditioner and a carrier oil (coconut oil in my case) and then style as desired.

I’m on a zero-heat journey at the moment, which I might talk about on the blog in the weeks to come. This means that instead of my usual low-heat blow-dry, I now roll in my hair with those old school curlers (you know the green, and blue prickly ones) and sleep with them so my hair can dry.

Also, Stylish Steppers is currently running a special on their Gimme Naturals range, so check them out and save some bucks while you’re at it.

A very big thank you to the hubsticle for patiently waiting to take all these shots. I knew marrying you would come in handy one day 🙂

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