Adulting with student potential

I’m still recovering from a Wash Day yesterday. I should have decent biceps by the time I’m 50. More about that on the blog later this week.

I was given the awesome opportunity and great responsibility to be studying again and to make a success out of it – all in one go. In March last year, I started working for an awesome company, like legit awesome. You know how you go to an interview and the person on the other end makes you feel like they’re company is the best in the business? Then, only after working for them for a few months do you realize that you were actually better off at your previous crappy job? Well, let’s just say I’m still waiting for that great first impression to wear off. These people are real. And they are genuinely nice people. Like, how hard even is that to come by these days?

Anyways, back to the studying thing. I started studying many moons ago, right after I finished matric and I can tell you that it was no easy ride. I didn’t take it seriously enough. I had so much drama going on that I just wasn’t even focused on finishing. So that’s what happened, I didn’t finish. In between the money running out and a lack of passion to succeed at this studying thing, I felt I was better off getting a full-time job. So, I did just that and I’ve never regretted anything as much as I do the fact that I didn’t just give it my all the first time around.

But, that’s the thing about life. You sometimes find yourself in a place where you feel like “Ag, this is not me. I’m just not cut out to be doing this”, cliché as that may sound. Then people are sent on your way to make you remember your value and recognize the potential that you’ve managed to shove under a pile of crappy jobs. Yes people, potential is not just a word people use to ease the “no” they might have dished you. It’s that little spark of something more, something better than the norm. I was afforded the opportunity to go back to studying part-time and I must say, it was kinda scary in the beginning, but I’ve managed to settle in quite nicely. Also, I’m among the youngest people in my class so I don’t feel completely ancient to be squeezing into a lecture room seat.

So now, I’m an A-student (allow me to brag) who manages to juggle working a full-time 8-5 job, a marriage that makes my heart happy, do my own housekeeping religiously every Saturday morning (people who know me, know how I feel about this), an active church life and a person who tries to keep in contact with my friends. I try to be a singer, as often as possible and then do this blogging thing successfully. Then there are still people who want to know “when are the babies coming?”. I’m rolling my eyes right now.

Life is hectic y’all, but I have so much peace in my heart. And that’s how I know I’m going to finish strong this time around. No doubtful voices in my head. A determined adult trying to finish what she started many moons ago.


What are some of the commitments that you’ve made this year to being more successful as an individual?



  • Samantha

    Loved reading this…Im a wife, a mother of two, an artist and an A student( allow me to brag aswell) .. so I can totally relate.

  • ChevsLife

    The word “responsibility” really stood out for me. That commitment to follow through and own it; responsibility and accountability to one’s self. I’m in the same boat – full time job, part time studies and parenting. It’s Feb, and I’m yet to get to page 5 on my textbooks.

    • Deenah

      Shake off and get going girl! We have goals for 2018 that will only happen if we put in the work and MAKE time.
      You’re doing great, keep pushing

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