Are you sitting in the chair?

I know – silly question to be asking, but humor me?

So to give you some background, we have something instituted at work called Treat Talks. I usually do a Friday morning cake run and then we all meet and someone shares something with the team. It can be anything you think the team would enjoy or anything you want to inspire everyone with.

My colleague had a turn to share a while ago and she spoke about “sitting in the chair”. She used this example to make a point about trusting God. Every chair is built with specifications that tell you the capacity of the chair – what it’s made of and what kind of load it can carry. So when you go to sit down on that chair, you don’t doubt that it’ll hold you because you know that it’s purpose is to carry your weight, right? How often have you done an actual full-on inspection of a chair before sitting down, just to make 100% sure that the legs are not going to give way under you? Hardly happens, right? Because you just know that the chair is going to hold you up.

Be all in or get all out. There is no halfway in trust

The past while has been a bit of a challenging time for my little family. Neither of us are the kind of people who will complain to people about what we’re going through. We hash it out between us and talk to God about it. If someone really close asks, we might give in and spill the beans. I don’t know, we just don’t see any value in talking about a problem. My husband especially. I tend to moan his ears off, as if that would ever fix anything. We had a series of things happen where we were just left without solutions or answers and like always, we give it to God and do our best to soldier on, hoping the cracks wont show.

The thing about trusting God though, is that it could very well be equated to sitting in a chair. But instead of relying on His capacity to carry my weight, I have the habit of trying to give extra support where it’s definitely not necessary. I mean, He created me so He definitely has the capacity to handle me and every bit of baggage I come with. My human nature kicks in and I want to help HIM along, to speed up the process because patience is definitely not one of my strengths. So in this season of waiting and trusting and faithing it, I’m learning to sit in the chair. To fully rely on the fact that He’s got this and that His timing is perfect, even when I’m at my wit’s very end, because the thing about trusting Him is that the outcome will always be for my good.

No matter what it looks like.


  • Rozanne Reid

    Beautifully written!!

    I always try to remind myself that God Has Got This and always try to reflect on the many occasions HE came through. Especially those times where in that moment you asked God how am I going to survive this and I did survive and came out off it a better stronger human. That assures me that whatever season I’m facing, it is bound to come to an end (law of nature) and better days are ahead.

  • Allistair Heilbron

    Absolutely beautiful. So real-touches every nerve inmy body. Its in the waiting….that we are moulded for that which God has in store for us. He is preparing you for even more than that which are trusting Him for.

    I love the growth and depth of your blogs. Continue penning that which He lays on your heart.

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