Fashionista: Look 1 – Church Girl

Okay so everyone whose known me for more than a minute, knows that I’m quite the church girl. That means, two outfits on a Sunday, if I feel like dressing it all the way up.

Sometimes you just don’t win though and you leave the house looking decent but feeling crusty.

What I’ve found works well for me is high-waisted skirts. Firstly, because I have a small waist and secondly, because you automatically look fancy (and slimmer) wearing something above your navel. It hides the little bit of a belly that I have. High-waisted clothing works good for any shape actually(yes, even you Luchae), as long as you know how to pair it. 

So for this look, I’m wearing a polka dot high-waisted pleated skirt, paired with a bodysuit with volume sleeves, rounded off with a block-heel shoe with an ankle strap. How cute is this?  I’m sure you must think I’m from the era that your mom grew up in. Who knows, I probably am. Hahaha!

Aaand, you don’t only have to wear this to church. You can wear it to a dress-up function, a high-tea fundraiser (we all know there are many of those going around) or anything that requires you to wear something fancier than a jeans and shirt. Or even if you just feel like being a little but extra on a regular work day. Flourish, baby girl!

Let me know what about this look you like the most (and the least)


Bodysuit – The Fix | Skirt – very very old (it was a hand-me-down) | Shoes – Fashion World | Sunnies – Avon South Africa

Photograpy: LifeAfter 8_5

Edits done by me




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