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Have you ever made this statement or asked this question?

I hate the way this pants/top/dress makes me look!

Why cant I just find my size?

Hands up if you have! (I see that hand)

And then the case of something just not fitting you well. Like the pants is too tight around your thighs but then has this weird loose fit around your waist that can just not be remedied by wearing a belt? Or it’s a knee-length dress but you manage to wear it mid-calf. Because you are short like that. How about that shirt that fits your arms nicely, but then that one button in the middle of your bust decides to show off???

Believe it or not, I am one of them.

I can almost see you rolling your eyes at me right now. Now you’re saying, “Yeah, right, you’re so thin”. The myth that people have about my appearance is that I fit into everything and I look good in everything. Lies. I am not keen on bodycon dresses, because my body loves carbs and sugar and I have a bit of a belly. Which I manage to suck in well when I absolutely have to. Also, I’ve been blessed with curves. So “my size” doesn’t actually fit me. Nor does a bigger one or a smaller one. Either its too tight around my thighs, or its too loose around my waist. So I have to settle for whichever I’m willing to compromise on.

I also hate spending a fortune on clothes because honestly, its just laundry. Im a cheapskate – thrift queen of note! Im such an old soul though. I could live off bell sleeve shirts/dresses, high-waisted everything and thick heel shoes.

I think the biggest problem we have is that we have sooo many insecurities around our bodies. Who the heck got to decide what is cute and sexy and good-looking anyways? And how is it that they know me and the things I like? Sadly, we fall victim to these “standards” and then end up being the most miserable about everything we wear, when its actually got nothing to do with our body shape or size. Do you boo, the rest can go fly a kite.

Anyway, now that I’ve vented, I’ve put together a few looks that sort of sums up how I like to dress and what I feel most comfortable in – volume sleeves, high-waisted pants/skirts, platform shoes. I know, I sound way older than I actually am, but I feel like this is me. So don’t judge okay?

I’ll be sharing these looks with you over the next few days so please subscribe and keep your eyes open for that “New post” notification.

While you’re at it, please feel free to share your fashion fails and good advice with me in the comments below ?



  • Rozanne Reid

    I can so relate to this “it’s a knee-length dress but you manage to wear it mid-calf. Because you are short like that.”
    I don’t even think about buying maxi-dresses cause I end up having to cut off half the material.

    I love you your space. I Especially love the minimalist vibe going on here.
    Looking forward to reading the next one.

    • Deenah

      Hahaha! Im glad Im not the only one with fashion fails.
      Glad you like it, thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

  • Luchae Williams

    Advice? How about, don’t have 2 babies in a period of like, less than 3 years and then wonder why on earth you’re “not ready for dis jelly”. I miss fitting into my clothes. But I do love a good layer or two. Super duper keen to see more of your “hide my belly” looks 🙂 (even though you dont have a belly girlfriend!)

  • Jenni-Lee

    hahaaaa…. I am laughing at this because it is so me. And this post has al the yeeeesssses from me. Every single time I go somewhere, looking at a wardrobe full of clothes but I have nothing. Also because I don’t like how some of the clothes fit and sometimes having that voice in the back of my mind when someone maybe said (nee dit lyk nie reg nie) whether you feel cute in it or not.

    • Deenah

      Glad you could relate sis 🙂 All the people who make negative comments about our appearance should be punched in the face, fah reals! Hahahaha

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