Human Nature

I promise I’m not complaining, it’s just that I thought I was clever to take on as many things as I did, without feeling the punch. Be that as it may, I am managing to pass my tests and sort of remember all the dance moves needed for this coming Saturday evening. Click here to see what I’m going on about.

A while ago, I had the opportunity to share a message with our church. I don’t call it preaching because I feel like that’s not what it was. It was more like a motivational oral, LOL. So just like a class oral, I was nervous out of my skull. Like minutes before I started doubting whether I had even prepared the right thing to say and if it was even the right thing for right now. You know that throbbing in your throat that makes you want to run for the hills? Or that swallow reflex that comes while you’re in the middle of a word sometimes? Yep, that was me. As much as I can talk a truckload of nonsense that seems to make people laugh, I get real nervous when I have to be serious. And then of course, the people in the chairs facing you having this look of high expectations on their faces. “Please rapture me now!”

I spoke about our hearts towards one another, and how we should love each other, since that is what we are commanded to do. How often do we struggle with this though?

“I love you,BUT…”

Us as humans are in the habit of adding conditions where they have no right to belong. Loving someone means that you trust them with the totality of who you are. When people make mistakes sometimes, we pull out a red card and revoke our love or limit it by adding conditions. That’s not how it works, Felicia. It’s all or nothing.

I know for sure that with God it’s all or nothing – no conditions. Like if He said something, that’s it. No questions asked. So where do we actually get off adding conditions to how we love people?? We get in the way of our own happiness ALL.THE.TIME. It actually exhausts me just thinking about it. We bear grudges when people look at us sideways, or when we hear a gossip story that someone made up about us. More often than not, that dirty look had absolutely jack squat to do with you.

“Love your neighbor as yourself”

I think that God intentionally made that statement, because He ultimately knows everything He’s created. And He knows what an inward struggle it is for us to swallow our pride and genuinely say “I love you” and “I care for you” and actually mean it, especially to those people who knows just how to get under our skin. If we can display this kinda love to each other, then whatever people say about us actually don’t matter because our character will speak for itself. Ha!

I struggle daily to apply this very principle in my own life and maybe that is why I had to share it – that I can be held accountable by the words that I have spoken and the standard that God has set for us. I fail all the time, but I will never cease to try again tomorrow. That’s the best part.

What kinda “human” struggle are you faced with on the regular?



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