I partied like a kid with Oreo Enrobed

Who in the world says no to chocolate, or a biscuit with your yummy cuppa tea after a long day’s work? But what if those two actually merged, would you still be able to say no? Thought so.

I had the awesome privilege to be invited to celebrate Cadbury’s Oreo Enrobed’s first birthday. I don’t care what age I am, I will always be a birthday person. I’m totally feeling this birthday spirit because mine was just over a week ago and I am now the big 3-0! #offthecalendar. Also, gifts are still being accepted because I am of those who celebrates my birthday for a whole month.

The invitation said to dress colorful and fun. Challenge alert! Black is the new black in my closet, but I managed to find something to wear that was not black and the only black I had was my handbag and shoes. Score!

Back to the subject at hand, this was a proper birthday party, complete with balloons, yummy treats and coffee (as befitting an adult party). PE weather even came out to play, which made me really happy about the fact that I wasn’t wearing black. I managed to meet a few new faces, which is always a win and we genuinely just had a really good time.

The event was organised by the ECMeetup gang and was held at the beautiful 39 on Church in Walmer. I didn’t even know this venue existed until now. Absolutely stunning and lots of natural light, which is a score for any blogger/photographer. We got to pose for beautiful images that were taken by the very talented Cutepix Photography. Y’all know we’re always looking for new pictures for the Gram.

If you know me at all, you will know how much I love to laugh. If it’s funny, I’m laughing, no matter in what form that funny comes. So it should be no surprise to you that I thoroughly enjoyed Moaz the Clown. So much so that Eleanor got a kick out of watching me laugh! These blogger type people. I am also very happy that I was not a subject to some of his stunts, which is more than I can say for some of my fellow party-goers,hahaha! Maybe that’s even more reason why I found it so funny?

All in all, it was a really good day and how awesome is it that PE was the city who got to celebrate this milestone of a birthday? We’re getting there people, slowly but surely.

Since today is #throwbackthursday and we’re pretending that it’s World Chocolate Day, I’m taking this opportunity to give all of you free reign on the consumption. Go for gold! We’ll worry about the diets and detox plans on Monday, because why be skinny when you can be happy?

PS. Here are a few images to make you jealous (pulls tongue)

Cake: KPA Creations | Decor and sweety table: Cute and Chic Events | Macarons: Ginger Pops | Venue and catering: 39 on Church, Walmer | Photographer: Cutepix Photography  | Organised by: ECMeetUp






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