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If you follow me on any of my social media platforms, you may have noticed my “Less” this, “More” that posts. I hope you’ve been enjoying them? Sometimes we don’t realize that too much of something is too much. But that is not what this very quick post is about.

About 3 years ago, right before we go married, the husband and I decided to give Banting a shot. Not because we want to be thin or anything, but because the nature of our jobs are desk-bound, which means we don’t get much physical movement in during the corporate hours. We didn’t go full-swing, instead we adapted it to suit our lifestyles and mainly our wallets. We stopped having sugar in our beverages (mind you, I stopped having sugar in my coffee way before this), we opted for honey in the tea instead. We cut out pasta, rice, potatoes and bread, and substituted it with cauliflower rice, sweet potato mash and cracker bread. Being my rebellious self, I’d still have a roast potato here and there and a slice of home-baked bread, because who says no to home-baked bread???? My weakness is sour jelly sweets. This is the one thing that I have never given up. This is where I falter almost every single day. Sigh…

For the past 3 mornings, I have been waking up with a pounding headache. Add to that, I am battling severely to get going in the morning. I roll out of bed 40 minutes before we need to leave home for work. That means a roller coaster of filing through hangers to decide what to wear, paired with sipping my cup of black power while figuring out how to tame my natural mane for the corporate environment. Aaand, the last person out of bed needs to make it, so guess what is also added to this crazy 40 minutes. I’ve tried to remedy them by taking painkillers firstly, drinking more water, but it doesn’t seem to work. Just a mixture of constant headache and feeling drained all the time. I could blame it on the exams that I just managed to get through, but I know my body. This is not an ordinary type of “tired”

So this morning, when I lifted my head off the pillow and it felt about 10 kgs heavier, I decided that I will attempt a 10-day detox. I’ve fallen off the wagon and walked next to it for the past while when it comes to what I eat. Not only detox in terms of my diet, but also my lifestyle. As much as I’m trying to really win at blogging and being great at social media interacting, I need to draw the line somewhere.

Here’s a list of my commitments for the next ten days:

  1. Less fatty foods, more crunchy fruit and vegetables (Feel free to share some recipes y’all!)
  2. Less coffee, more green tea and water – I’m going to try and stick to one cup of coffee a day or less
  3. Less snooze button, more quiet time to meditate on God’s Word
  4. Less time scrolling through social media and more time reading.
  5. Less procrastinating, more creativity


My list is not very long. I want to keep it practical and possible. I know that I wont win at every attempt, but what’s life if we never try?

What are your detox tips to get me through the next 10 days? Y’all know I need all the help I can get.


Do more of what makes you happy


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