Can you just Photoshop my thighs please?

This is a bit of a rant, so please bear with me.

For the longest time, I’ve been subjected to people’s remarks about my appearance. Let’s all sing with Sam Smith in unison “I know I’m not the only one”. I understand if you’re rolling your eyes right about now.

A little while ago went to the beach for a swim and my loving husband took a few photos of me. I posed willingly and when I looked at the pictures afterwards, my immediate response was “Can you fix it in Photoshop please? My stretch marks and cellulite were on blast and I was not ready to be seen like that.  Can you imagine the comments that would bring about? I’m sure that so many of you are relating to this right now and that yucky feeling that always creeps up when people comment on “you” just sort of re-surfaced.

A HUGE misconception people have about “skinny” people is that we have perfect bodies – no stretch marks, no cellulite, no little tummy slightly hanging over that top button. Well, if you wont believe it when I say it, how about this?

Unfortunately those lines on my thighs are not a reflection of the water

I can already hear people saying “Aaag that’s not as bad as mine” Do you even realize that there is no such thing as a bigger insecurity? It’s the same thing to all of us. How amazing is it that people ALWAYS have an opinion about what you look like, or your hair, or what you are wearing even?!

“Arent you tired of the curls yet?”

“Ooh you’ve put on a little weight hey?”

“You’re so thin, you must be careful for when you want to have kids hey”

I can go on and on and on. Literally. The opinion is not the problem so much, because we’re all entitled to have one and I’m totally OK with that. My problem is the fact that they’re almost never “uplifting” but frequently made known. And for the longest time I’ve allowed these subliminal messages that were eating away at my self-confidence.

I didn’t realize that I too, have become so aware of my short-comings that it sometimes dictates my self-expression. I wont really wear shorts out of the house because you’ll see my stretchmarks. Until recently, my husband was the only person to see me in a bikini without shorts. Im aware of just how widely I smile or laugh because the teeth game is not that strong. To hell with all of that!

This post is about being okay with your insecurities while working and dealing with them in a way that makes you happy and healthy. It’s about repairing the disconnect between us as women especially, because we are all human to begin with, before all the man-made perfections came and clouded our judgement to what and who we are.

So I’m here, on behalf of all humans – thick-thighs, no thighs, skinny, big, short, tall, natural hair, relaxed hair. Everyone who has breath in their lungs to say, “If what’s going to come out of your mouth about me is not going to build me up, then let that ish go”. It’s hard enough for a us to exist happily and lovingly within ourselves without having to deal with those useless remarks.

I’d like to end off this post with a challenge – for everyone reading this post and feeling like they can totally relate to me, I challenge you to do the very thing that scares you and makes you crawl into a shell of baggy clothes and hiding. Wear the shorts, rock the bikini, laugh until your stomach hurts, because life is way too short to be anything short of YOURSELF!


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