Things you learn from doing a detox

It’s been 13 days since I had jelly sweets or any other form of processed sugar. Not even half a sour worm.

When I embarked on this 10-day detox challenge, I almost did so blindly. I knew the results I wanted and I knew that if I thought about it first, I might have changed my mind. Big YAY to impulsive decision-making…sometimes!

I haven’t had a headache or felt “fat”since then. Really. Shocking that one’s body can respond so fast, right? The problem is still with getting up in the morning, but that’s because I absolutely adore sleep and so, we live to fight that giant another day. Having said all that, here’s a few things I took away from being a picky eater for 10 days:


1.It’s completely possible to go without sugar

Although I knew this before, it was really hard for me to say no. Sounds like an addiction, doesn’t it? I consciously steered clear from the sweetie isle on my lunchtime runs and I avoided them confidently when my colleagues passed the packets around the office. Pack healthy snacks so you have something to reach for when temptation strikes


2. Moderation is key

This is something I jokingly said to my husband after he played a game for too long to my liking, but I believe it to be true. I started this detox a couple of days before payday and lets be real, fuel price hikes and everything else is leaving money too tight to mention at times. So instead of going full-swing detox, I sometimes still had muesli and yoghurt for breakfast because almond milk is unnecessarily expensive. I had fruit as snacks and that cost way less than buying a packet of sweets or a chocolate bar every few days. I had 1 cup of coffee everyday, first thing in the morning, without which I struggle to wake up before leaving the house.


3. Your health is your wealth

That is really way more than a cliché. Feeling sluggish and painful everyday is really a sucky thing. So many people are unhealthy because of some or other condition. While the power is in my hands, I am going to make sure that I take good care of this here temple of a body.


4. It’s possible to learn or unlearn new habits withing 10 days

Again, back to the snacking thing. The challenge ended 3 days ago but I still reach for grapefruit and mixed nuts as a snack instead of a biscuit from the cookie jar downstairs.


5. These things take time

From starting with a detox to committing to get to workout a few days a week – these things take time. Don’t frustrate yourself over progress. Slow progress is better than no progress.


Remember that the only opinion that should matter to you most, is yours. No matter what everybody else says, what matters most is what you think of yourself.


Have you made any health/better living choices for this year?



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