Why does your hair look like that?


I’ve been on this natural hair journey for a little bit longer than a short while. It was the best decision I have ever made, for my hair that is. My hair is healthy, it curls properly. None of that lifeless, straight strands hanging in my face that I actually thought were cute. So gross! I set off on this road without any kind of warning or information. I just decided that I was no longer going to be the girl with the pin-straight hair that looks like a cheap weave in a ponytail. People were already confused about whether I was coloured or Xhosa, now they were doubting the realness of my hair even. This still happens, mind you. Up until today, but that’s a story for another day.

There are very few things that I struggled with. Im generally patient with looking after anything that is attached to my body. So my hair was no different. However, it would’ve helped if someone threw me a bone right in the beginning, when I didn’t have a clue what I was letting myself in for yo! Here is a list of those bones I would’ve appreciated.

  • Dear meisie, you will not have the loose, bouncy, Pantene curls that seem to be the biggest mark for natural hair in the world. The way I struggled to deal with this though. The media makes you believe that if you embrace your natural hair, you’ll either have a luxurious bush of bouncy curls, or a round afro. I have neither of those and I have no qualms about my 4a type hair. I actually realise now how stupidly dumb I actually was to believe that my hair was “glad enough” to do that bouncy thing. *insert facepalm*
  • Contrary to popular belief, natural hair is no easier to maintain than chemically processed hair. The exhaustion and motivation that goes with Wash Day approaching. The moral support needed not just for my feelings but for my arms y’all. Detangling is a beast on its own. Add to that, my super coily hair. Supernatural power is requested every time.
  • Your bank account was never ready for the price of natural hair products. I feel like I need an offering to be taken up for my hair supplies. And y’all know us women, we’re not happy with just one shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, curl mousse. We must have options, because life has made us used to that. The way I have been humbled by the price tags. I must say though, after a very long time of grudgingly paying for my supplies, I’ve discovered a few really great products that doesn’t cost a fortune. One of them being the Gimme Naturals Cocktail Mask by Stylish Steppers that I raved about on my IG not too long ago. (This is the part where you go scroll through my Instagram feed)
  • Just like life, this road to healthy hair issa work in progress. Just when you think you’ve figured your hair out, it changes on you. How the heck is it even possible for hair to change??? It happens to the best of us. And the best thing we can do is to embrace it at every stage and adapt our lives and techniques (and wallets) accordingly.

What are some of the things that would’ve helped you on your natural hair journey if you knew it before the time? I’m still learning things daily and reading up on how to better look after my hair.


  • Samantha Williams

    Oh Deenah You are speaking my hair love language. After my pregnancy I️ realized how coily my hair really is … talk about change up on you! I’m slowly but surely getting around to loving my hair again. My journey right now is to find some good products to match this 4c kroes ? kop. Thank you for sharing and do a little more hair stuff. You are amazing and I️ love your blog!!

    • Deenah

      Ah Sam, hahahah! The trick for 4c is moisture moisture moisture. I’ll be sure to post more hair stuff? Good luck for the journey ahead

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